‘Still Life Goes On’ is a Masterpiece of American Theater

Acclaimed playwright, Christine Melton has placed her signature spin on the play ‘Still Life Goes On’. ‘Still Life Goes On’ is this year’s most celebrated tour-de-force production that deftly tackles the issues of family, money and race. Melton’s version has already received rave reviews from critics like Rebecca Faulkner who called it an “important and deeply poetical piece of political theater.” Thomas Farrell, producer of ‘Memphis’ on Broadway said, “I love the characters…I can’t put the script down.”

This four character show is set in 1968 Greenwich Village, at Buster’s Nightclub. Behind the scenes is an America that is filled with race riots and peace demonstrations. This turmoil is echoed in the play, as the characters respond to an unexpected arrival which forces them to confront their scandalous pasts, unrequited longing and family’s dark history.

Still Life

Article source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1911979

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