Still-life tradition celebrated at the Drawing Room Gallery

The imminent wilt, the inexorable decay — nature doesn’t afford much time for dawdling when it comes to beauties such as springtime blooms or freshly picked fruit. However, with a brush, canvas and a tray of paints, artists can make such treasures linger far longer than their natural shelf life.

“Capturing life, that is the goal, because everything is mortal,” Milford artist Dean Fisher said,

Still life, as an artistic tradition, goes back more than 500 years — an ever-evolving genre that is transformed and celebrated by different artistic traditions and each successive generation of artists.

“I have studied the history (of this genre) for decades, and I still can’t get enough,” said Stanley Bielen, a Philadelphia artist who grew up in Stamford, where his mother still lives.

Although still-life painting was embraced by artists across Europe, including those in Germany, France, Italy and Spain during the early 1600s, it flourished in the

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