Still striding: Still life street artist Uncle Louie strides toward perfection – The Times

A man crosses Royal Street in the French Quarter, bedecked in red, white and blue. Sunlight gleams from his stark white suit and glistens on the damp pavement. Your synapses fire as you draw closer, as your mind works to puncture the illusion. For a moment, you remain mesmerized. For the man is striding yet still.

To tourists and locals alike, he’s calm and happy on the outside. His motionless body exudes serenity. But beneath is the mind of an artist, restless and striving for perfection.

That’s the discovery we’ve made about Uncle Louie, thanks to you, our readers, who nominated him beneath a post titled “Which New Orleans street performer should we meet?”

So Julia Kumari Drapkin and I met with him in the French Quarter and asked him some of our questions and some of yours…

How did you get your start performing?

That’s a long story, but a

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