Straight lines and solid colors: the genius behind Newman

National Gallery of Art, Barnett Newman (The Stations of the Cross – Lema Sabachthani). Photo by Rob Young.

Solid lines, and colors all imperceptibly unconquerable by the full nature of the eyes, yet even more still unconquerable by the nature of our souls. Newman’s work is imperceptible, not because of its existential qualities, rather because of his simple genius. The lines of his pieces are derisions of art. It is never completely clear what he is suggesting, but it is obvious that it cannot be more than just a few lines against solid backgrounds. Perhaps, just a bit more than that.

Some will certainly go as far as to suggest that Newman’s work is not really art as anyone could put a line through a solid color background, which is very much true, but in a way he is the first one to have done it this way, and if one

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