Street Art, British Punk, Japanese Cute and Black Culture — All in One Artist

Photography Lovers' Peninsula, Mariah Robertson's show at M+B

An actor in East Hollywood has an existential crisis, a photographer in WeHo breaks all the rules, and a mechanical ice bag travels to Japan.

5. I thought my life would be different
“Blurring and Its Opposite” at Agency begins outside on the sidewalk, where Justin Lowman painted a multicolored neon border around the front edges of an otherwise gray electrical box. Similarly colored sand lines the sidewalk cracks leading up to the gallery and continues into the cracks in the gallery’s concrete floor. The colored sand ends right before getting to Adrian Paules’ concrete blocks and Katie Sinnot’s mostly white, geometric alterations to the back wall. But controlled subtlety devolves into crisis in the back, where Lee Sargent, the actor in Jayson Kellogg’s film This Is

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