Street art fair in Koreatown strives to save the Earth one mural at a time

Never before has such a grungy Koreatown alley looked so beautiful. Thanks to the efforts of passionate and dedicated local artists, Koreatown and Greater Los Angeles are looking better than ever with their creative and thought-provoking murals.

This past Sunday, local street artists gathered in an alley behind Gabba Arts Gallery in Koreatown to create murals in celebration of Earth Day. These street art fairs were also part of a larger effort by the Gabba Arts District and the newly-established Street Art Brokerage Firm. The goal of this particular session was to raise awareness of California’s drought crisis, to create a more appealing environment that the local community could be proud of, and to “simply celebrate Mother Earth.” Artists were invited by curator Jason Ostro and street artist Andrea LaHue, who goes by the stage name of “Random Act.”

LaHue, who has been painting giant flowers on buildings for

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