Sufjan Stevens favors expressionism over holiday cheer

If Christmas music is about evoking warm-fuzzies to lighten the anxiety of the holidays, then “Silver and Gold” is not the album for you. It has songs about the holidays, but they are not songs for the holidays.

Sufjan returns to Christmas songs with incredible results

Back in 2006, Sufjan Stevens released the first part of his Christmas collection. Forty two tracks you could sing along to with your grandma and your 6-year-old cousin while maintaining your musical “cool.” This album is his follow up: I do not recommend listening to this with your grandma and 6-year-old cousin.

On Nov. 13 the professed Christian and indie favorite released the follow-up Christmas set of 59 songs. There are still some traditional carols, but the album consists mostly of his originals. The album is very abstract, with more electronic experimentation and complexity than anything I’ve heard before. The lyrics are muddled in what is presumably

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