Surreal Photography with Thomas Dodd

Thomas Dodd, an artist based in both Nashville and Atlanta, creates photographs that penetrate the soul, evoking immediate emotion and curiosity. Dodd’s style of fine art falls under a burgeoning new realm in the art world: surreal photography. Though his medium is photography, as you’ll see below, his works more closely resemble paintings. 


Screen Shot 2013 03 24 at 1.42.23 PM Surreal Photography with Thomas Dodd


It’s hard to miss the religious and mythological themes that show up in Dodd’s work. And the friction created between his contrasting images of good and evil, life and death, and light and darkness are what bring his works to life in a dramatic fashion. I’m not a student of art history or studio art, but Dodd’s work makes me wish I were, as it seems to beckon

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