Suzie Black: Moving to the future

Shea Stanfield~ 1/14/2015

SCOTTSDALE – Not often a visitor to an exhibit or show of fine art gets the chance to see such variety in an artist’s work. What fun was in store for the visitor that met local artist Suzie Black during the recent Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour at the Harmon Studios in North Scottsdale. Instantly you are taken with the variety of line, imaginative use of space, and the kaleidoscope of color that bounced off the surface of each canvas. As Suzie walks her visitors through her artistic journey, they observe the meticulous details, expansive stretches of color pushing objects beyond their surface and finally that popped an “oh WOW” in response to the continuing intricacy in her work.

No surprise this gutsy “out there” artist grew up in a New Jersey suburb minutes from Manhattan. A daughter

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