Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson on his absurdist comedies

Although Roy Andersson started his filmmaking career in 1970, it took him 30 years to win the European art house renown he enjoys today. Even so, he’s a treasure who is less than a household name outside his native Sweden. After his successful start with the standard romantic drama “A Swedish Love Story,” he spent decades shooting 400 droll, dour, deadpan commercials about the lottery, candy and accident insurance.

Andersson’s signature style of sturdy visuals and dark humor earned him the fans, experience and salary to launch his own central Stockholm film studio. Since 2000 he has released three acclaimed cult hits (2000’s “Songs From the Second Floor,” 2007’s “You, the Living” and this year’s “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence,” showcasing his uniquely dry humor and washed-out visual palette.

The series, which he calls his trilogy about being human will show at Walker Art Center in Minneapolis June

Article source: http://www.startribune.com/swedish-filmmaker-on-his-absurdist-comedies/309167251/

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