Tale of two artists: Rivera and Kahlo together at DIA

When husband-and-wife Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo arrived in Detroit on April 21, 1932, he was 45 years old and one of the most famous and important living artists in the world. He was the great Mexican muralist, champion of the working man, visionary of a utopian future.

Kahlo, 21 years younger, was just beginning her creative life and unknown as an artist. Yet it tells you something about her fiery personality, confidence and ambition that when she was asked that April day at the Detroit train station if she was also a painter, she responded: “Yes, the greatest in the world.”

Today, it’s not hard to imagine that scene playing out in reverse — the press worshipping Kahlo and

Article source: http://www.freep.com/story/entertainment/arts/2015/03/07/rivera-kahlo-dia/24520729/

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