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Clients have traveled as far as 500 miles to be tattooed by Chris Toler, an artist working at Danny’s Ancient Art Tattoo Studio in Blacksburg.

They are not the only ones to notice his talent either — recently, the Derby Ink Invitational honored Toler with a place at its three-day convention in Pennsylvania. Of the 200 artists invited, Toler was the only representative from Virginia. Toler had no difficulty filling his time there with appointments, including performing work for all of the members of Opus 99, a rock band.

While Toler spent the majority of his life drawing, he never envisioned himself as a tattoo artist, nor did he enroll in a formal art class. One day, however, his childhood friend, Justin Steward, called him with an invitation to try tattooing.

Steward had previously given Toler his first tattoo — a memorial piece that condensed the sparrow

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