Tattoos: Art or mass consumption?

Donna Tinta sorts the colors, disinfects her hands, unpacks the disposable needles and puts on sterile gloves. The tattoo gun, with its needles puncturing the skin, sounds like an electric toothbrush. She works for a while in silence. “When I’m tattooing, I’m in a designing mode. It’s an artistic process”, says the German tattoo artist Wiebke Turner, also known as “Donna Tinta,” after a few minutes.

The human body as a canvas

Donna Tinta proves that a tattoo can be a work of art and tell a story

The tattoo, once limited to specific social groups and celebrities, has become an integral part of our everyday culture. According to a 2014 study by the Uniklinikum Bochum, more than six million Germans have a tattoo.

Given the growing number of tattooed people and the boom of tattoo events in Germany, many are tempted to

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