Teaching the art of palette knife painting

If you ask Shirley Wallace, 79, when she started painting, she’ll tell you she was 5. While most children outgrow playing with paints, Wallace merely traded her childhood watercolors for oils and acrylics.

Wallace took art classes in high school and studied art in college, but only after teaching herself how to paint from books at the library — including her signature palette knife style.

Wallace said she didn’t like her paintings at first — she felt they were too tight, so she found a book on palette knife painting.

“I picked up a palette knife and it was like I’d been holding it all my life,” she said.

Ever since, Wallace has almost exclusively used the palette knife, reserving paint brushes for fine details, like a man’s face or a bicycle, that are difficult with the knife. Often the only thing on her paintings done with a brush is her signature.

“I love the

Article source: http://www.lompocrecord.com/entertainment/arts-and-theatre/teaching-the-art-of-palette-knife-painting/article_cdc8bee0-50ae-11e2-97b5-0019bb2963f4.html

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