Técha Noble’s Crystal Romeo negotiates the camp in Australian landscape art

Sydney based artist Técha Noble’s solo show Crystal Romeo at UTS Gallery is a witty and colourful take on the relationship of the body to landscape painting in Australia. With skills developed in a range of contexts from high-end fashion design to drag performance, Noble presents a diverse body of work: etchings, experimental projections and costume, brought together by her own sophisticated version of camp aesthetics.

This is a language with which Noble has a long history.

As one of the four members of the Sydney queer performance group the Kingpins, formed in the 1990s, Noble’s work has become widely know for its subversion of mainstream culture by using drag as a model for political agency. The visual language of the Kingpins drew heavily from Sydney’s club scene, cutting up and re-performing music, fashion and dance, and later applying drag to architecture, corporate video and branding conventions.

Article source: http://theconversation.com/techa-nobles-crystal-romeo-negotiates-the-camp-in-australian-landscape-art-38580

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