Tennessee Williams: a portrait of the playwright as a painter

When Tennessee Williams showed up early afternoons at David Wolkowsky’s home near Key West, Florida, he would have three things to help get him to nightfall: “A bottle of red wine, Billie Holiday tapes and paint,” his friend recalls.

Out of that concoction came paintings, dozens over 30 years, that the poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright gave to friends, lovers and neighbours. Now, 32 years after his death at the age 71 in 1983, his works have been collected for a show in New Orleans, one of his adopted homes. They provide insight into Williams’ sensual dreamscape that he extracted through images of Christian crosses, water and flesh.

“There’s a reason he didn’t just take photographs, and there’s a reason why he didn’t write about these things,” says William Andrews, executive director of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, where “Tennessee Williams: The Playwright and the Painter” runs until May 31. “The

Article source: http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/arts-entertainment/article/1775281/tennessee-williams-portrait-playwright-painter

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