Textile Artist’s Landscapes Out of Shreds

BECKLEY, W.Va.—Carmen File didn’t realize as a child the full influence her parents would have on her artistry.

“My father, Martin Hajash, was a printer who worked for Biggs Johnson Withrow Company,” she explained. “He was supervisor of the composition room.” There was paper everywhere at her disposal, “Rooms full of it. Paper then was really paper—high quality.”

Carmen would cut the scraps to make crafts and occupy her creative mind.

She is now discovering her dad’s same knack for the transformation of the castoff, repurposing old clothing, blankets, and curtains into her richly textured textile art. More recently she has revisited her past with collages made from her very first medium—paper.

Change of Paths

When Carmen found herself without a job after a long career as a senior paralegal, she decided to change the direction of her life entirely by finding an art she could master. She spent a good deal of time experimenting

Article source: http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/426943-textile-artists-landscapes-out-of-shreds/

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