The 10 best science fiction films of all time

What makes great science fiction?

10 best science fiction films of all time

Choosing the best science fiction films of all time is extremely hard – especially if, like me, you love all kinds of sci-fi, from the the early classics of the 1920s to the moody cyberpunk tales of the 80s.

The term science fiction is deceptively complex, branching into a number of sub-genres and often placed alongside others. Despite its broad strokes, a lot of sci-fi is transfixed with artificial intelligence, extraterrestrial life, time travel and future civilisations.

On the surface, each of these subjects seems very different, but at their core you’ll find the same motivation: a curiosity that cannot be stifled. There are a number of questions that these films ask, zoning in on how far reality can be stretched and if we’re the only intelligent life in the universe.

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