The Art of Infamous: Second Son – grounding fantasy in realism

John Robertson talks graffiti art, Seattle as a character, and the style of military oppression in the PS4′s best-looking game so far.

Second Son blast

“I don’t know how a guy could turn into trails of light and run up a building, but it feels great and looks amazing in our game so we put it in.”

Second Son’s visual cohesion and clarity is, arguably, among other commendable elements, its most powerful and charming hook. From surly protagonist Delsin Rowe himself to developer Sucker Punch’s use of artistic license to recreate real-world Seattle in digital form, each of the game’s aesthetic elements (audio included) comes together to form a visual playground that is both believable and engaging.

This is no easy task considering Second Son’s narrative revolves around the existence of super-powered humans and the oft-misplaced fear that

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