The Beautiful Simplicity of ‘Broken Age’

In a way, Tim Schafer lied to his Kickstarter backers. He promised a classic point-and-click adventure game, but Broken Age is most certainly not one of those. It doesn’t follow the typical LucasArts/Sierra adventure format, instead it follows the stripped down, streamlined, and dare I say, simple structure of a modern adventure game. Broken Age, with its tighter focus on story over puzzles, is closer in spirit to Kentucky Route Zero or The Walking Dead than Monkey Island, and that’s what makes it great.
In short, Broken Age is a game that understands its limitations. It knows what it’s good at, and it chooses to focus on only those things—those things being style, dialogue, characters, and humor. The overall narrative takes a backseat to individual moments of quirkiness, and the puzzles themselves

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