The cover features Untitled (red containers, wet ground), Fort Worth, Texas, 2000

The American landscape photographer Victoria Sambunaris has completed her first monograph, Taxonomy of a Landscape. Sambunaris studied at Yale and still teaches there, although her main passion is the regular road trips she takes into the American interior. The monograph brings together many of the images she took in South Texas – a rich natural landscape that is also shifting fast due to the demands of the energy industry – covering over a decade’s worth of shooting.

Given she works with a traditional large scale view camera and chemical printing process, it’s unsurprising that Sambunaris should feel a kinship with the work of photographers like Lewis Baltz, Robert Adam and even the Bechers, all of whom bring their experience of the landscape and the process of travelling, finding and gaining access to locations into their art. ‘All of them have been out there driving – or flying,

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