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Poor Scotland! It was supposed to be their big night in Big Cup. There was Shortbread McFiver sitting in front of his television, ready to toast a famous night for one of Scottish fitba’s favourite sons, Craig Thomson, who had been given the prestigious honour of refereeing the quarter-final second leg between Borussia Dortmund and Málaga. What could go wrong? Nothing could go wrong! Nothing, that is, until Thomson and his hapless assistants merrily allowed Dortmund’s 93rd-minute winner to stand despite four players, the coaching staff and the club mascot standing around 25 yards offside. D’oh! Swoosh! Smash! Well that was Shortbread McFiver’s night ruined and that was the sound of his boot swinging through his TV.

Málaga’s Big Cup dream had been blown to smithereens too and while Dortmund’s infectiously giddy manager, Jürgen Kopp, was making football hipsters everywhere go weak at the knees by Article source:

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