The Friday Experience: Jennifer Gudgel Getson – Pastels

From across the room your eyes are fooled into believing that you are gazing upon a colorful photograph, yet upon closer examination, there is softness, a blending of color from sky to prairie so realistic, it is art that only a true artisan can create. Jennifer Gudgel Getson is one such artist that takes her pastel artistry to a whole new level.

Soft Pastel - Jennifer Gudgel Getson

Soft Pastel – Jennifer Gudgel Getson

Jennifer started her path to the arts by receiving a degree in photography. “I did photography for years until my son was three. Then a friend gave me some watercolor paint, and I realized it was easier to stay home with a toddler and paint, and I liked it better.” Jennifer’s current mediums include soft pastel, oil, collage, photography and printing.


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