The Golden Dream: teen heroes in a world of double standards

Never mind The Fault in Our Stars. If you really want screen teens to break your heart this summer, don’t miss Diego Quemada-Díez’s superb new drama, The Golden Dream. The film, a nail-biting and unsentimental tale of three youngsters as they journey from the slums of Guatemala city towards Los Angeles, has already garnered dozens of major prizes on the festival circuit, including silverware from Cannes and Dublin.

It is, reputedly, the most heavily decorated film to emerge from any region of the Americas. That, one feels, is only right and proper: the film’s themes sing with urgency, and its emotional impact is unrivalled among this year’s releases.

“I wanted to make something like an epic poem,” says the film-maker, who spent many years collecting testimonies from migrants. “I wanted to give a voice to those risking their lives to help their loved ones to solve the problems of

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