THE HIGH LIFE: By Spalding High School

Now in its 51st year, the National Theatre is home to some of Britain’s best loved plays.

On January 15, it was time for the drama students of Spalding High School to attend a movement workshop and viewing of one of their more recent productions “From Morning to Midnight”: an innovative piece of German Expressionism.

The two hour workshop, under the guidance of the show’s movement director, explored the impact of movement within productions. Direct focus was placed onto the works of Steven Berkoff, who has pioneered modern day British theatre.

Following a series of warm up exercises, the group was divided into three sub-groups that were each given the same tasks of completing movement routines, incorporating the use of chairs, which would reflect the inner qualities of a character.

The results varied significantly, yet the impact of each scarcely differed in resonance. The message of the workshop

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