The Images that Remain

WEBDSCN1164Many artists find a subject, a muse and don’t stray too far. Richard Patt is similar, except he represents his subject, his muse – Wisconsin’s rural landscapes – in varying degrees of realism and abstraction.

“An aspect that sets Richard apart from other artists is the variety of style he employs,” says Shari Gransee, owner of Fine Line Designs in Ephraim, which represents Patt. “He is able to capture the feeling of a very traditional subject matter, the rural landscape, and applies it into either a contemporary, abstract, or realistic piece using both a beautifully bold or a soft, subtle palette.”

Gransee discovered the Milwaukee-area artist at Fine Line’s annual Townline Art Fair in 2005. “We fell in love with his work,” she recalls, “asked him to join the gallery and he’s been with us ever since.”

Patt speaks about his art, his career,

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