The Oil Rush


An oil painting on displayPhoto:Courtesy of Zhu Qizhan Art Museum

As one of the first Chinese cities to open its doors to the West, Shanghai has always been on the frontline of the interaction between Eastern and Western culture and the arts. And of all the imported art forms, oil painting is one that has notably become rooted in the city and has blossomed.

And recently, the Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, which is known for its leading role in co-organizing the annual Shanghai New Ink Painiting Art Exhibition since 2005, invited a number of notable oil painting artists to display their own important pieces.

On show are some 50 works by pioneers in the field such as Liu Haisu (1896-1994), Guan Liang (1900-1986), and Zhu Qizhan (1892-1996), as well as contemporary artists such as Liao Jiongmo, Qiu Ruimin, Yu Xiaofu, Jiang Jianzhong and Zhao Yifu.

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