The Place Where Your Dreaded Banner Ads Will Never Be The Same

Some attentive Internet users might have noticed banner ads recently popping up in their browsers featuring a blonde-haired, bespectacled man wearing a white turtle-neck and jean shorts, holding text that reads “The You Museum.” That would be “Famous New Media Artist” Jeremy Bailey. The ads are part of Bailey’s recently-launched art and commerce campaign The You Museum, which he describes as “the world’s first and only personalized museum that’s with you wherever you go.”

Like governmental or Google-y watchful eyes, Bailey wanted The You Museum to appear pervasive. To that end, he’s decided to organically place banner ads everywhere through Google’s Adwords display network, as well as via Facebook and Twitter. The strategy, Bailey said, allows him to reach 98% of the Internet. Bailey only pays for the ads once users click on them, are taken to the website, and purchase a work of art. He

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