‘The Pop Object’: New Book And Exhibit Explores The Still Life Tradition Of …

From Jan Brueghel the Elder to pop king Andy Warhol, the tradition of still lifes has been an essential part of art history. But for as long as the practice has been around, it has changed significantly, transforming from two-dimensional paintings to multimedia sculptural forms along the way.

A new book and exhibit is paying tribute to one of the more colorful periods of the still life era. Titled “The Pop Object,” the curated collection of pop artworks reveals the role of inanimate subject matter in the 1960s through a survey of more than a dozen artists who took still lifes to another level.

the pop object

“Still life also has long been treated as a minor preoccupation for artists,” exhibit curator and art historian John Wilmerding states in the exhibition introduction. “Yet [it] has turned out to be the occasion for some of Pop’s most

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/10/the-pop-object-new-book-exhibit-explores-still-life-tradition-pop-art_n_3046825.html

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