The Prom Queen of PS 1

The Vogels were the subject of a touching documentary, “Herb and Dorothy,” that was released in 2008. The film shows how utterly their marriage revolved around artists and gallery visits, until 1990, when the Vogels decided it was time to give their collection away to a stewarding institution; they chose the National Gallery. Then, with a small annuity from the National Gallery, they just went on collecting. By the time the film’s director, Megumi Sasaki, began filming, the Vogels were a favorite story among the gossiping crowds at art galleries. Lucio Pozzi recalled on camera how a friend had pointed to the Vogels at an opening and said, in a whisper, “You see those two people? You would never guess it, but they are two of the biggest collectors of new art in New York.”

But Sasaki captures something much more fundamental than a charming story. As art lovers, the

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