The shadow of Lewinsky: why Clinton deserves more respect

I wonder what would happen if an artist revealed that in an official portrait of George W Bush, he painted a dark shadow representing the Iraq war.

Actually I know what would happen. Fox News would lead a conservative uproar that condemned this insidious piece of unpatriotic propaganda. I can hear them now.

“Who runs the National Portrait Gallery – Isis?”

But former Democrat presidents who never started major wars in the Middle East are fair game. Painter Nelson Shanks has attracted amusement and kudos with his revelation that he depicted the shadow of Monica Lewinsky’s stained blue dress in his official portrait of Bill Clinton for Washington DC’s National Portrait Gallery. You can bet Fox News won’t be complaining about this. It is, after all, common knowledge that Clinton has a “stain” on his character.

Never mind that he presided over an economic boom with a zero

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