The ‘Sims 4 Get To Work’ Behind The Scenes Of ‘Still Life’; Mods For This Week …

Sims 4 Get to Work
(Photo : Courtesy/EA) Screengrab from the “Sims 4 Get To Work” Still Life trailer.

The developer of the “Sims 4” has revealed the behind the scenes of the “Sims 4 Get to Work Still Life” trailer as well as the mods for this week.

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In The Sims¬†forum, Todd Stallkamp the Creative Direstor of Plumbob Pictures shared the story behind the trailer of one of the promotion video of the “Sims 4 Get to Work.”

Stallkamp said that the “Still Life” retail trailer started when everyone is conceptualizing a concept for the new retail system on the upcoming expansion pack. He added that he began singing in the shower and had the first few lines of the song in his head by the time he got into the studio.


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