The Spring Arts Preview

The last time I wrote about ceramic artist Rose Cabat, the editor gave the piece the headline “Ninety and Nimble.” (TW Oct. 7, 2004).

It was 2004, and the 90-year-old was being honored with an exhibition of her “feelies,” the pungently colored, silky-surfaced porcelains that have won her acclaim since the 1960s. Now, 10 years later, still alive, still working at the age of 99 1/2 (she turns 100 in June), Cabat is getting a well-deserved retrospective at the Tucson Museum of Art. Opening Feb. 1, Rose Cabat at 100: A Retrospective Exhibition of Ceramics, is a headlining event in a packed arts season. Maybe her fans could rename the show Happy at One Hundred. Curated by Julie Sasse, the museum’s longtime chief curator who earned a Ph.D. in art history at the UA in December, the show surveys decades of work, all of it produced in Cabat’s home studio in

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