There is Beauty Still….


Murders of law enforcement personnel and fertilizer plants explosions in Colorado and Texas. Horrific terrorist acts in Boston. Dangerous bird flu in China at risk of spreading worldwide. Arctic ice sheets melting at exponential rates. Weather patterns worsening. Political shenanigans locally and in D.C. raising collective blood pressures.

Needing a break, I turned off the television, radio, put aside newspapers, magazines and took a walk in my own backyard.

The predawn sky with just enough light to frame tall trees against adjacent open fields of mist-shrouded green. Awakening early birds, a chirp here, a caw there. The sudden, swift, silent soaring of a Great Horned Owl landing at pond’s edge.

He hears the tiniest movement. As still as the pond, he watches me for what seems an hour, as I barely breathe. He doesn’t move a whisper. I’m not that capable. Our

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