There’s still life in the old Duffer yet

The Easter coaching camps mean it’s been hectic at the Fulham training ground in south London this week, with countless kids milling about the place. There’s the odd pro wandering through the crowd too, but no Damien Duff who has arrived early and is already safely tucked away, out of sight, preparing for another day of rehab on the knee injury that has, it seems, ended his Premier League career.

Duff interviews are so rare that the club’s press officer, Carmelo, admits to having thought there must be some mistake when told that there one was lined up for that day.

As it happens, though, the 35-year-old has been on radio with Keith Andrews and TV with Brian Kerr over the last couple of weeks so this is the third instalment of what is, by the Dubliner’s standards, a Rihanna-style media blitz. 

He is, characteristically, embarrassed by

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