‘These guys were flying blind’: new book explores Los Angeles art of the 60s

Early on in Out of Sight, his fascinating new history of the 1960s Los Angeles art scene, William Hackman presents a persuasive reason for writing the book.

“Put simply,” he writes, “I think the art of Los Angeles tells us more about the sort of country America was at mid-century, and the sort of place it was rapidly becoming, then does the self-conscious and sophisticated art of New York at the time.”

At mid-century, New York art was all about abstract expressionism – the mighty “ab ex”, its abs flexed beneath Jackson Pollock’s T-shirt as he dripped and dribbled his paint. Then, thanks to de Kooning, Kline, Newman and Rothko as well as Jack the Dripper and formidable critics led by Clement

Article source: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/apr/11/out-of-sight-william-hackford-los-angeles-art-60s

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