Thomasian artists in ‘Autopilots vs The Iron Sky’

MANILA, Philippines – Art and morality have been inextricably linked for thousands of years, art having been seen as depictive of truth and goodness. However, in the contemporary context, existing in a constant flux of information and clashing morals, art-as-morality no longer resonates as profoundly.

When faced with the myriad of choices today, society and cultural milieu normally dictate the most acceptable courses of action, but that and what is “true,” “appropriate,” “principled” “correct,” and “right” can all simultaneously exist as different choices, and oftentimes even contradict one another.

In “Autopilots vs The Iron Sky”, an exhibit by artists Jood, Jie Adamat, Nicol Mesina, Djinn Tallada, Bernard Pena, Nonie Cruzado, Reinald Laurel, and Ezra Reverente, all who have shared common ground at the University of Santo Tomas, the quandaries of contemporary existence are explored as each persona asks questions such as: is doing what one wills freedom, or is it subservience to his

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