Tim Shelton of Still Life Tattoo on How Art Transitions into Tattooing

Tim-Shelton-Chesler.JPGJosh Chesler

For some tattooers, it’s obvious from a very early age what they want to do in life. They draw tattoos as a child, learn more about them as a teenager, and then start their apprenticeship as soon as they turn 18.

Tim Shelton, the owner of Still Life Tattoo in Seal Beach, wasn’t one of those people. It wasn’t until Shelton was in his mid-20s that he even considered tattooing for a career, when his friend Steve Schultz (owner of Costa Mesa Tattoo) took a look at Shelton’s sketchbook.

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“I always loved tattoos as a kid, but I was pursuing a career in illustration, and then in graphic design, while I was getting tattooed,” Shelton says. “It definitely strengthened my art,

Article source: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2015/04/tim_shelton_of_still_life_tattoo_on_how_art_transitions_into_tattooing.php

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