Timothy Spall inhabits the artist in Mr. Turner

Artists pour out their souls on canvas and other media, yet it’s always difficult to capture that process in reverse. How does one create a film about a painter when the subject’s work should already speak for itself? Dramatic events like slicing off an ear or running away to Tahiti make it easier to create narrative arcs in a biopic. But what of the painter J.M.W. Turner, whose life appears to have been more of an arc than a bridge? The images of the acclaimed landscape oil painter and watercolorist — certainly one of Great Britain’s most magnificent artists ever — were controversial in his time (1775-1851) but are now generally recognized as precursors of Impressionism and even Abstract Expressionism.

Writer/director Mike Leigh and actor Timothy Spall work together to show us the artist in his times. Mr. Turner exudes period detail, due in great measure to

Article source: http://www.isthmus.com/isthmus/article.php?article=44580

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