To Faux or Not to Faux?

Thinking I’ve made a great new friend, I accept an invitation to dinner at their house. Shock and awe — or shock and fright — a giant moose head is mounted above the fireplace and a pair of huge antler light fixtures over the dining room table. Appetite successfully killed along with a total re-evalution of these new friends with whom it now seems I have very little in common after all, based on the various dead animals’ parts dotted around their house.

I can just about handle a giant trophy fish tacked onto a wall, but the abundance of cowhide rugs under coffee tables makes me queasy and I am positively pukey when I see a set of goat antlers resting on a side table or used as book ends. It’s TRENDY! You’ve seen them everywhere; it’s been a design trend for several years now along with obviously fake

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