Top 5 things in Jackson include Holocaust survivor’s art display, Fat Tuesday …

Holocaust survivor’s art on display at Albion College

While Miriam Brysk hasn’t been an artist for long, she has a lifetime of experiences fueling her inspiration.

Brysk, 79, was born in Warsaw, Poland and escaped the Holocaust with her family in 1939 to Lida, Belarus. She uses theses past experience into digitally constructed works, which portray old photographs in moving ways with narrative realism and expressionism.

She retired as a professor from the University of Texas in 2000, and moved to Ann Arbor to follow another dream. She re-embraced past nightmares as a child survivor of the Holocaust when she returned to eastern Europe in 2002.

“It felt like somebody had ripped a hole in my chest … it was so difficult for me to go back to the past, to think of what I had lived through, what my family lived through, most of whom died,” Brysk, said in an Albion

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