Tory Folliard’s ‘New Still Life’

life painting does not always get props for drama. Sometimes it is flattened
into a punchline of blandness, a bunch of stuff on a table or endless vases of
roses sitting demurely with not a whole lot of life. “The New Still Life” at Tory Folliard Gallery is
definitely not a show in this manner.

Michels’ Roses takes the traditional flowers-in-a-vase motif and
transforms it into vividly hued compositions of electric lines of pure color,
crisp outlines and a love of geometric pattern that pulses through everything
he does. The only thing still about his work is the subject.

Lipman’s Pocket Watch, Books, Skull and Candles is a monumental
photographic print of her glass work, and an overt vanitas composition
with its implications of things temporary and fragile, like life itself. The
objects referenced in the title are traditional symbols; time is fleeting,
everything is transient and

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