Trading careers for canvases: Two artists ditch traditional employment to work …

Two artists who traded stable careers for the freedom and risk of putting color to canvas helm a Weems Galleries show opening Saturday.

Watermelon Sheep by Kathy Glidden.

“Watermelon Sheep” by Kathy Glidden.

Albuquerque’s Sarah Blumenschein and Algodones’ Kathy Glidden are hanging a series of landscapes and still lifes in the gallery at 7200 Montgomery NE.

Blumenschein creates pastel illuminations of flowers, while Glidden will show landscapes veiled in feathered brushstrokes veering on the abstract.

Blumenschein left her job as an Intel systems engineer in 1998, fully intending to study art and paint. But the constant interruptions of three children under the age of 6 put her passion on hold. It wasn’t until her youngest son Matthew was in preschool that she began attending workshops and taking classes.

“When they would take naps, I would paint,” Blumenschein

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