Trudy Benson: ‘Paint’

55-59 Chrystie Street, between Hester and Canal Streets,

Lower East Side

Through June 2

A generation of artists who grew up using a mouse as comfortably as a paintbrush is now coming of age and bringing the giddiness of those formative computer art experiments to good old oil on canvas. This is exciting news, to judge from Trudy Benson’s solo show at Horton.

Many of her large, squarish canvases — the proportions bring to mind early Mac monitors — mimic the squiggly, uncontrollable lines and seemingly miraculous instant color-fills of 1980s graphics programs like MacPaint. (It was released in 1984, a year before Ms. Benson was born.) A few, like “Touchpad Painting” and “Tablet,” hint at

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