UB Anderson Gallery to open 3 exhibitions

As exhibition curator Angelica Maier explains in her catalogue
essay, Hartigan and Mitchell often were referred to as
“second-generation” abstract expressionist painters.
They were able to resist this gendered construction by means of a
quiet, subtle, two-fold strategy: They adopted styles that rejected
the “masculine” constructs of abstract expressionism
and they cultivated a tight social network and created a calculated
public image.

The Martha Jackson Gallery in New York City represented Hartigan
and Mitchell from 1962–77 and from 1968–74
respectively. As letters in the Martha Jackson Gallery Archives
attest, gallery owner Martha Kellogg Jackson protected and
supported her artists and allowed them to cultivate their own
artistic styles.

This exhibition provides the unique opportunity to not only see
outstanding work by Hartigan and Mitchell on loan from prestigious
collections, but to read original letters and other material that
bring to life, in a very personal way, their artistic styles and
creative struggles.


Article source: http://www.buffalo.edu/ubreporter/campus/campus-host-page.host.html/content/shared/university/news/ub-reporter-articles/stories/2013/three_anderson_exhibits.detail.html

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