Uberto Pasolini’s ‘Still Life’ takes unique look at loneliness and death

In this week’s Cinema box we take a look at “Still life” by the Italian director Uberto Pasolini.

John May is a lonely man who no one notices. His life may be routine but his job is quite special: he must find the next of kin for those who die alone so that someone might attend their funeral.

One day he loses his job, but before leaving he must solve one last case.

The British actor Eddie Marsan perfectly embodies the role of a man who is outside of society and completely unable to adapt to a world based on competition and productivity, a world where the subject of death is to be avoided.

The film portrays the theme of death in an original way: it’s not tragic or melodramatic. Uberto Pasolini instead looks at it in a peculiar and paradoxical way to create a kind of sad comedy.

The theme of

Article source: http://www.euronews.com/2015/04/24/uberto-pasolini-s-still-life-takes-unique-look-at-loneliness-and-death/

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