Uncommon Ground – Land Art in Britain 1966-1979, Southampton City Art …

Long is Britain’s best-known Land Artist and his Stone Circle, a perfect ring
of purplish rocks from Portishead beach laid out on the gallery floor,
represents the elegant, rarefied side of the form. The Boyle Family, on the
other hand, stand for its dirty, urban aspect. Comprising artists Mark Boyle
and Joan Hills and their children, they recreated random sections of the
British landscape on gallery walls. Their Olaf Street Study, a square of
brick-strewn waste ground, is one of the few works here to embrace the
mundanity that characterises most of our experience of the landscape most of
the time.

Parks feature, particularly in the earlier works, such as John Hilliard’s very
funny Across the Park, in which a long-haired stroller is variously smiled
at by a pretty girl and

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-reviews/10069002/Uncommon-Ground-Land-Art-in-Britain-1966-1979-Southampton-City-Art-Gallery-review.html

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