"Under the Iron Curtain: Modern Art from the Soviet Bloc" at Bronx gallery

It was a time of unprecedented freedoms that gave way to a cultural revolution in the Soviet Union.

It was the mid-1950s, and following Joseph Stalin’s death, Nikita Khrushchev rolled back long-standing, oppressive policies, among other key political moves.

It was called “The Thaw” and a new exhibit at the Derfner Judaica Museum in Riverdale is celebrating some of the prominent artists of the time.

“Under the Iron Curtain: Modern Art from the Soviet Bloc,” features artworks from the Hebrew Home’s permanent collection by 19 artists working in the Soviet Union and its satellite states.

“It will provide some exposure about the type of modern art that was created in the Soviet Union at a time when it wasn’t exposed to the West because of the Iron Curtain,” said assistant curator Emily O’Leary.

The Gilbert Pavilion Gallery will feature “official” artists of the era, while the Derfner Judaica Museum will feature works of the dissident

Article source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/iron-curtain-modern-art-soviet-bloc-bronx-gallery-article-1.1223114?localLinksEnabled=false

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