Underground Art and Abstract Landscapes Featured at Tonight’s Gallery Walk – Twin Falls Times

KETCHUM • Judith Kindler’s new studio in Ketchum’s light industrial area could well be mistaken for a gallery.

A 69-by-59-inch portrait of a young girl’s face titled “Obscured” hangs on the wall with other photography-based mixed media works the artist has created.

Hand-sculpted ceramics sit beneath a picture entitled “Tequila Made Me Do It,” which includes a photograph of a doll-like woman next to a piece of an actual wedding dress.

A tiny elephant and birds sit in cages on what looks like the kitchen table. Packages the artist created sit on another table.

But the cages, packages and other found objects demonstrate that this is a working studio — symbols that Kindler uses in her new place of work away from work.

She will be present at the gallery during the Gallery Walk from 5 to 8 p.m. tonight. And she will join Michael

Article source: http://magicvalley.com/entertainment/underground-art-and-abstract-landscapes-featured-at-tonight-s-gallery/article_860607f9-f2c8-5356-8d35-c764b9e26d5d.html

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