University Hospitals cancer patient exhibits the art that helps in his …

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Peter Rinaldi touched his right index finger to a small button on his throat, activating a voice box prosthesis, and spoke in a slightly froggy but pleasant tone:

“They’re kind of all my favorites,” he said as surveyed his work on prominent display at University Hospitals Case Medical Center. Doctors and nurses – some of them his caregivers as he receives treatment for cancer – hobnobbed at the first-ever opening for a patient/artist.

University Hospitals CEO Tom Zenty chats with Peter Rinaldi about his artwork during a reception at Rinaldi’s exhibit at UH. 

Even the hospital’s bigwig, CEO Tom Zenty, stopped down to take in the show and chat up the artist.

Each of the eclectic works spoke a different message to patrons, and each told a story. They were created during a time – after surgery for laryngeal cancer – when

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